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Software Solution

We build cloud-based platforms, and solutions for industrial automation

CICASS79 S.L. applies its knowledge in the field of information technology to new horizons by structuring complete solutions for every sector and need. For over 20 years, the experience gained in the sector has placed CICASS79 S.L. in different realities, both in industry (energy, oil & gas, manufacturing) and in various other sectors such as real estate and medical, in the on-premise as in the cloud, developing communication with all types of interfaces, using the know-how to meet every request.

Listening to the needs of each Customer to propose the best solution

We help customers to automate and simplify their internal processes in order to optimise working time and production.
We create tailor-made solutions using modern and outstanding development, data organisation and processing products.

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Programming and Innovation

Programming and web potential

CICASS79 S.L. is able to make the most of the great potential of programming and the functions made available by the web, using the most advanced technologies and offering a very high level of customer experience, creating platforms, on-premise software and websites that can be used both locally and online, on any device.