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Analysis | Design | Implementation

We create and develop software solutions in the cloud: from the creation of ad hoc platforms for every business reality to the development of a functional and effective website. Each project is created and developed according to your requirements, aimed at solving all your needs.

Platforms as a Services and Websites

Using the latest technologies, we offer comprehensive experience in platform (PaaS) and website development.




Development and Operation

Each Solution created by CICASS79 S.L. follows a development totally dedicated to the Customer and its needs: products created and developed within CICASS79 S.L. are designed to become useful and performing tools capable of evolving together with the company’s business. They adapt to every need, are designed to engineer and automate the processes of the Client’s company, and remain present with an extended package of services.

Soluzioni e Necessità

Ogni Soluzione creata da Cicass79 S.L. segue uno sviluppo totalmente dedicato all'Azienda e alle sue necessità: i prodotti creati e sviluppati all'interno di Cicass79 S.L. sono progettati per diventare strumenti utili e performanti in grado di evolvere insieme all'attività aziendale. Si adattano ad ogni esigenza e una volta selezionato il software o la soluzione più indicata, rimangono presenti con un pacchetto esteso di servizi.

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Consultancy and Support

Skills | Framework | Solutions

Thanks to our experience and solid skills, we offer well-structured, efficient and definitive solutions for businesses in every sector, effectively supporting the growth and optimisation of all the procedures of each company.

CICASS79 S.L. offers its advice and professional technical support to help each business make the best choice for its needs: the focus is on optimising the performance of each company and its entire structure.

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